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Found 1 result

  1. Gamers and especially those that love zombie games will love the grand theft zombies mod. The game revolves around a player who had friends, but they have been infected with a virus that turns them into zombies. A player has to struggle with the zombies in order to survive. The zombies are yearning for the human flesh, and they have melee weapons making them more dangerous. Installing the Grand Theft Zombies Mod With ScriptHookVDotNet.dll into your scripts folder, you can install grand theft zombies mod by placing NativePI.dll and GTZ.dll. Once you have placed them in the script folder, you need to open the menu by pressing F7 which also toggles the zombie mod. Once the mod is launched, it is possible to edit your options including the menu. Spawning of the Zombies The zombies should be spawning near you, but this does not always happen as they can spawn somewhere else. A player can change this by toggling off the gta v zombie mod. You can reload by pressing Insert. You can also open the menu by pressing F7 and getting options by pressing the arrow keys. Fighting the Zombies Fighting with the zombies can be interesting or challenging. You can hide from them or fight them. If they are too many in one area, they can defeat a player although due to their slow movements, they can be defeated as well. While some do not have a single weapon, others have crowbars, knives, and hammers among other melee weapons. The Zombie Hounds In the grand theft zombies mod, there are zombie dogs or hounds that are very fast just like normal dogs. They spawn frequently, and you could be wondering how you can disable them. Although this is not possible, you can do some changes in the configuration file. It will be much easier for a player to kill them when the zombie hounds HP is set lower. Getting Rid of the Zombies The zombies are armed but not all of them. When a player has a gun, it will be easier killing the zombies. One trick of killing them instantly is by shooting them 3 times in the leg or shooting their heads. Configuring your Game In the gta v zombie mod, you can configure the file information by setting key binds while using GTA V_Zombie.ini. You can configure zombie hound settings to make the HP lower, weapons and spawn counts among others. Controls for gamepad are enabled by Gamepad, enemy ragdoll is enabled on death and player impact by Ragdoll Physics, when starting a round, rock star mission soundtrack is enabled by Music while kill streak system is enabled by Combat HUD. During the game, you will be attacked by the zombies some with arms while others are unarmed. This mod gives you an option to customize the games such as setting the HP of zombie hounds to be lower and setting the maximum number of zombies that can attack you. Download Link: https://files.gta5-mods.com/uploads/grand-theft-zombies/46e7d0-Grand%20Theft%20Zombies%200.25a.zip